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Mar 7, 2019
Quick Details
Type:Hydraulic Power Units
Model Number:Customization
Brand Name:YOUZHI
Place of Origin:Taiwan
Product name:Servo - energy type clamping device control system
Application:Technical quality control
Advantage:man-machine touch screen
Usage:Energy recovery function for the braking energy
Structure:Ethernet data transmission
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: Wooden pallet for Servo - energy type clamping quality control system
Delivery Time: 15 days for Servo - energy type clamping quality control system
Product Description
Servo - energy type clamping quality control system
Integrated DSP intelligent control technology can actuate smart machines without human intervention, to realize the automation control target.
5 Advantages:
①Integrated pneumatic/gas detection device
②Optical coupling detection
③Variable flow hydraulics
④Servo motor drive
⑤Ethernet data transmission
Intelligent control touch screenMulti - objective optimization control
Stylish and beautiful man-machine touch screen;
User operation easily & intelligently;
Flexible switch working conditions.Intelligent multi - objective optimization technology;
Correcting the parameters instantaneously based on the air pressure / gas inspection device;
Realize the energy conservation optimization control.
Humanized fault perception repairIntelligent energy - saving technology
Ethernet data transmission;
Using remote fault diagnosis technology,
ahead of the perception of failure,
make analysis and notify the engineer to
solve the problem, it also can start the
automatically Rebuild to keep working.Power saving technology;
Fuel - efficient technology;
Thermostat technology;
Energy recovery function for the braking energy.
Technical specifications (customizable)
Structurebuilt-in structure, hydraulic station placed under the cabinet system
Powerthree-phase 4-wire system, 380V AC, with earth lead, 50-60Hz
Motor2.2KW / 380V AC, International IE performance Ⅲ energy saving standard
Oil volume30L
Avg operating current<0.95A / phase
Avg power consumption<0.25kw / h
Avg oil temp<room temperature + 5 ℃OEM Hydraulic Station Accessories

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