Portable Spectrophotometer


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Jan 3, 2019
Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophoto

Characteristics of Products
● High Stability: Adapting Czerny-Turner type double beam optical system, reduce the color difference to ensure the long-term stability of the data. Instrument drift<0.0008Abs;
● High Accuracy: Using grating micrometer level precision screw drive to ensure the accuracy of wavelength<±0.3nm;
Transmittance of accuracy reaches ±0.3%. Accuracy level: Igrade;
● Convenience for use: 5.7 inch graphic LCD display. Spectrum curve be clear at a glance. Easy for operate. There is quantitative analysis、qualitative analysis、 kinetics test、 DNA/RNA、 multi- wavelength analysis in special purpose testing program.;
● Service life durable: Deuterium and Tungsten Halogen lamp ensure that the light source for up two years of life, receiver life for 20 years;
● Wide application fields: Optional Equipped with Peltier/sipper unit, with Micro cell holder, with (5°incident angle ) Reflectance measurement attachment etc., Expanding to many application fields,Function of products;
● Photometric measurement: Convenience to measure samples in the specified wavelength absorbance and transmittance. Multi- wavelength detector is maximum simultaneous determination of 10 wavelengths;
● Quantitative measurement: Establish standard curve automatically, first- order \ first after we order the third order curve fitting. Optional method: Single wavelength calibration、Double wavelength calibration、Three point method,;
● Qualitative measurement: Scanning speed is 3500nm/min. Many spectrum processing methods including detect zooming、smooth、 filtering、 peak-valley;
● Kinetics measurement: Calculate kinetics of enzyme reaction rate. Many spectrum processing methods including detect and derive zooming、 smooth、 filtering、 peak-valley for you to choose;
● DNA/RNA,Function of protein test, calculate automatic the sample ratio and concentration.
Twelve models for your choice Portable Spectrophotometer

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